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Macular Degeneration Treatment

If you start having trouble reading as you get older, age-related macular degeneration could be the cause. This disease affects your visual acuity, making it harder for you to see details clearly. It’s also the top reason that older adults lose their vision. At NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish, we offer testing and treatment for macular degeneration. 

older female patient receiving a comprehensive eye exam to screen for macular degeneration

Types of Macular Degeneration

There are two types of macular degeneration that can affect your vision. Dry macular degeneration occurs more often than the other type, which is known as wet macular degeneration. Dry macular degeneration develops when tissue in the macula grows thinner with age or when pigments are deposited in your macula. 

Wet macular degeneration only occurs in a small percentage of people with dry macular degeneration. This condition causes new blood vessels to develop, which results in leakage that can lead to vision loss. Wet macular degeneration tends to cause more serious vision loss than dry macular degeneration. 

Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

When you have dry macular degeneration, it might take a while for you to notice any symptoms. This condition causes symptoms that tend to develop slowly over the years. When you do have symptoms, they might include decreased central vision and visual distortions. You might also have trouble seeing printed material clearly, and colors might seem dull. This condition can also cause you to have trouble seeing in low light.

Wet macular degeneration can cause the same symptoms as dry macular degeneration. However, these symptoms tend to occur suddenly and be more severe. Keep in mind that this condition requires you to seek prompt care. 

Treatment for Macular Degeneration from Our Sammamish Eye Doctor

Although macular degeneration does not have a cure, getting proper treatment helps protect your vision from serious loss. Our eye doctor can provide you with treatment options, which might include low vision rehabilitation that helps you adjust to decreased central vision. Other options include surgery for more advanced cases of dry macular degeneration or medications, light therapy or laser therapy for wet macular degeneration.

Macular Degeneration Prevention

You can lower your risk of getting macular degeneration by going for routine eye exams. Our eye doctor can examine your eyes and check for signs of this condition. Other ways to reduce your risk of macular degeneration include giving up smoking, staying at a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables and managing high blood pressure and other conditions that can affect your eyes. 

Contact Our Optometrist in Sammamish

If you need testing for macular degeneration or other comprehensive visual services, contact NewVision Eyecare for an appointment. Our optometrist in Sammamish will determine if you have this disease and provide treatment options for it. Call us today at (425) 392-2196.


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