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Cataract Diagnosis at Your Eye Doctor

As your eye doctor, Dr. Moscovitz at NewVision Eyecare is here to help with cataract diagnosis. The natural eye lens must bend light to see properly, but over the years the eye lens may cloud over. This results in blurry and dull vision. If you have cataract symptoms, Dr. Moscovitz can evaluate your eyes during a standard eye exam. Even if you're not showing signs of cataracts yet, regular eye exams are very useful for early diagnosis.

Cataract Treatment and Care: What You Should Know

Cataract treatment and care can vary based on the individual and situation. In many cases, simply wearing updated and correct prescription lenses can help considerably. If glare or halos are issues when driving at night, limit your night driving as much as possible. You may also benefit from the use of a brighter light while reading or engaging in any activity that requires you to focus your eyes. 

If your cataracts are causing you serious vision problems, cataract removal may be the best solution. Dr. Moscovitz can do a thorough evaluation, and will then refer you to a local surgery center that NewVision Eyecare has a long-established relationship with if you're a good candidate for cataract surgery. NewVision Eyecare will be there for all pre and post-operative care, and Dr. Moscovitz will work closely with the surgery center to ensure that you receive the very best care. 

Cataract surgery takes only around 10-20 minutes to complete, and you'll be able to return home afterward. Dr. Moscovitz may prescribe antibiotic eye drops that will reduce the chance of infection, as well as anti-inflammatory drops to prevent redness and inflammation as you recover. Eye drops are typically used several times a day until you see Dr. Moscovitz for your first post-op visit. 

Need Help With Cataracts? Call Our Sammamish Optometrist Today!

Whether your cataracts are just emerging or they've just been removed, the NewVision Eyecare team is here to help. NewVision Eyecare is a Sammamish optometrist that makes their patients top priority. We combine top-notch service and compassionate care to give our patients the best in eye care. Dr. Kerry Moscovitz has been a practicing optometrist for more than 20 years, and he truly values that his patients choose him as an eye doctor. Contact NewVision Eyecare anytime for help with cataracts or any other eye care needs. We look forward to serving as your Sammamish optometrist. 


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