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Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism affects adults and children across the United States. Learn about astigmatism and how NewVision Eyecare provides outstanding eye care for patients with astigmatism and all your family eye care needs.

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What Causes Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a refractive error. Refraction, explains the National Eye Institute (NEI), is the bending of light that occurs when light passes through one object to another object.  If you have astigmatism, you experience an imperfection in the curvature of your cornea or in the shape of the lens of your eye. Some of the causes of astigmatism include injury to the eye, post-surgical development or a complication caused by eye disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Astigmatism?

There are multiple symptoms of astigmatism, including blurred vision, distorted vision, experiencing headaches or squinting to see properly. Some people experience difficulties with night vision. Astigmatism potentially occurs in combination with farsightedness or nearsightedness. Symptoms vary from one person to another. Initially, you may not recognize symptoms as astigmatism, which is one reason you need to visit your NewVision Eyecare specialists for regular comprehensive eye exams. 

How Can An Optometrist Diagnose And Treat Eye Astigmatism?

It takes a specialist experienced in diagnosing and treating astigmatism to determine if you have the condition. Our NewVision Eyecare team has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat astigmatism.

Diagnosing astigmatism requires specialized testing during your eye exam. During the comprehensive eye exam, our NewVision Optometrist performs a visual acuity test to diagnose any complications with your eyes. The American Optometric Association indicates that patient input is a crucial factor in determining vision needs. 

There are several treatments for astigmatism. Your optometrist determines the best treatment for you, based on your specific needs. Eyeglasses and therapies such as Corneal Refractive Therapy are some potential options. Another option includes hard to fit contacts.

How Hard To Fit Contact Lenses Are Beneficial

Your optometrist determines whether you have astigmatism and discusses your treatment needs upon diagnosis. One option is hard to fit contact lenses, which possibly offers better vision, compared to regular eyeglasses for some people with astigmatism. 

Are You Having Trouble With Your Vision?

Contact NewVision Eyecare, at 425-392-2196. Our Sammamish eye care team is here for all your eye health needs, from annual eye exams to frame selection. We hope to see you soon!


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