Pediatric Eye Exams

Good vision is more important for your child than you may realize. Kids rely on their vision to read, receive input about the world around them, engage in social activities, and to avoid countless mishaps and accidents in the average day. Good eye health for your kids begins with an attentive and dedicated eye doctor. At New Vision Eyecare – your pediatric and family optometrist in Sammamish – your child’s vision is our top priority.

Pediatric vision screenings should begin when your child is born and throughout infancy, preschool, and school years. School-aged children should receive vision screenings at least once each school year.

pediatric eye exams from our optometrist in sammamish

Why are Pediatric Vision Screenings So Critical?

Most younger kids will not be able to explain to you that they are having trouble seeing things. They may complain about things looking fuzzy from time to time, but they often don’t associate that with a potential vision problem and go about their day without giving it another thought. A pediatric eye doctor can help isolate and correct the problem with your child's vision quickly and effectively in many cases.

Because your child’s vision is constantly changing as his or her body grows, it is important to pay attention to symptoms of potential eye problems and consider a visit to the eye doctor during the school year if problems present themselves. These symptoms may include:

  • Sitting too close to televisions, computers, or other screens.
  • Complaining of headaches.
  • Saying things look fuzzy or blurry.
  • Clumsiness or a notable lack of coordination.
  • Behavior problems in school (can sometimes be an indication of vision problems rather than actual behavior problems).
  • Squinting to see more clearly.
  • Missing assignments in school because he or she can’t see the board clearly.
  • Declining or falling grades.

If your child displays any of these problems, it is a good plan to schedule a screening with your optometrist in Sammamish to rule out potential vision or eye health problems.

Pediatric eye exams are about much more than mere vision screenings, though. They serve as a first alert for potential problems with your child’s eye health. In most cases like these, early detection is the key to early treatment and minimizing the impact these problems will have on your child’s health.

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