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Changes to your eyes or vision can affect your ability to do everyday tasks, such as driving and reading or participate in certain kinds of activities. Having regular eye and vision exams helps you maintain your vision and eye health over the years. At New Vision Eyecare, our optometry team in Sammamish, WA provides comprehensive exams to protect your eyes and vision.

Eye and Vision Exams for All Ages

Eye and vision exams are not just for adults. Children also need to have them on a regular basis. When children have them, these exams check for potential signs of trouble with eye and vision development, as well as vision problems that could affect a child’s ability to see clearly, such as nearsightedness. Finding these problems early helps ensure that children are able to see clearly at school and while reading, which is crucial for learning. 

When adults have these exams, optometrists check for any changes in vision that might require stronger prescriptions for corrective lenses. These exams are also done to look for signs of medical problems that can affect vision, such as glaucoma, diabetes or high blood pressure. The risk of these types of problems increases as people get older, so exams become even more important over the years. 

Routine Annual Exams in Sammamish

Routine eye and vision exams in Sammamish are a crucial part of maintaining optimal eye health. Changes to vision can occur in a short amount of time. The longer these changes go undetected, the harder it can be to treat or correct them. For example, finding early signs of macular degeneration can help lower the risk of vision loss. Keeping up with changes in nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism on an annual basis helps prevent people from straining their eyes in order to see clearly. 

What to Expect During Eye Exams

When you come in for a routine eye exam at New Vision Eyecare in Sammamish, our optometrist will conduct several different tests to check your vision. These include visual acuity, as well as a number of eye function tests, such as tests for depth perception, peripheral vision, eye muscles and more. Our optometrist will also test the pressure in your eyes to check for glaucoma and look for other signs that could indicate a medical problem that affects vision, such as diabetes. If you need a stronger prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, you can also get new ones at your exam.

Contact our Optometrist in Sammamish for Eye Exams 

If you are due for eye and vision exams, please contact our optometrist in Sammamish to set up an appointment. Our optometrist will help you keep your eyes as healthy as possible.


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