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Sports Vision FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Vision from NewVision Eyecare

Everyone needs to make sure they take care of their eyes. This means having an annual visit on time, wearing prescription lenses if appropriate, and following the advice of the eye doctor. For those who play competitive sports, they may have heard about something called sports vision. While many people think this is about keeping people's eyes safe while playing sports, this is only a small part of this field. This is a therapy or training exercise that can be performed to help someone train their eyesight specifically for sports. At NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish, there are several common questions we get regarding sports vision. 


How Does Sports Vision Work?

One of the most common questions we get is about how sports vision works in the first place. When someone participates in competitive athletics, there are numerous skills that are tested. These include object (and player) tracking, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination. The goal of sports vision training is to improve all of these aspects of competitive play. By improving these skills, someone will be more ready to compete for both in practice and in a competitive game.

How is my Sports Vision Evaluated?

The goal of sports vision is to put together a training regimen that will help improve someone's specific deficiencies or areas of improvement. Before this can be done, it is important for our optometry team to gather a baseline regarding someone's sports vision. Using detailed tests and exercises, every aspect of sports vision will be evaluated. Then, a specific regimen will be designed that is tailored to improve that person's sports vision.

How is my Sports Vision Improved?

Once all of this information has been collected, a detailed plan will be put together. Some of the aspects of sports vision treatment may include providing someone with tinted lenses or updating their prescription lenses as part of their eye care. There might also be specific exercises that the individual might be asked to perform. These are done to improve focus, tracking, depth perception, and other aspects of vision that are important for competitive play.

Trust NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish for Sports Vision Concerns

Sports vision is a great way for everyone to improve their ability in the competitive field. At NewVision Eyecare, our optometry team is here to help everyone with all of their eye care needs. We are able to handle acute issues, yearly visits, and can help someone with sports vision. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today to make an appointment. We would be honored to help you and your family with any and all of your eye care needs.


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