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Lasik FAQ

LASIK eye surgery allows those who undergo it to see clearly without wearing glasses or contact lenses. This surgical treatment corrects a wide range of eye conditions including hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. At NewVision Eyecare, we have been sharing the benefits of LASIK with Sammamish residents for many years. Following are the answers to questions our optometrist frequently receives regarding LASIK eye surgery.


Who benefits from LASIK?

LASIK surgery is highly beneficial for individuals who suffer from astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. A trip to an optometrist's office can answer all of your questions and confirm that you are indeed a good candidate for LASIK.

Are there certain people who cannot have LASIK surgery?

Before determining eligibility for LASIK surgery, an eye doctor must evaluate every patient. Some particular pre-existing conditions may prevent you from having LASIK. Other conditions can complicate the surgery process and increase complication risks if you move forward with the surgery. This is why you should speak with your doctor if you have a pre-existing condition to learn more about your eligibility and expectation levels.

How safe is LASIK?

There are very minimal risks that come with LASIK surgery. Complications do exist since the surgery is performed on a very delicate part of the eye, but they are unlikely to occur.

What results can I expect from  LASIK?

You can expect a huge improvement in your uncorrected vision following LASIK. 20/20 vision or better has been reported following LASIK in over 96% of patients that suffered from low to moderate myopia. If you include an enhancement procedure, you can expect that number to increase to over 99%. Be aware that there are no guarantees in perfect vision. Realistic expectations are expected in patients that have high myopia and high hyperopia.

Can I expect permanent results from LASIK?

You can expect permanent results from LASIK. However, your eye can still change internally within time. It is highly recommended to have this procedure done after you have experienced major eye changes already. For example, LASIK is not recommended on children since their eye vision changes, and they would need a fine-tune in a few years.

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