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What Are Eye Floaters and Are They Dangerous?

If you have ever seen something, like a small fleck or string, that you knew was not actually there, you have likely experienced an eye floater. Far from a hallucination, these are small spots in your general line of sight. If you try to stare directly at them or focus your vision on them, they will appear to scatter away from you.


Floaters are formed due to a substance in your eye known as vitreous. When you are young, this substance is congealed, much like jelly. But if it starts to liquefy as you age, it will cause the tiny fibers within the vitreous to clump together and form small shadows on your retina. Learn more about how Sammamish residents should do about floaters. 

What Should I Do If I See Them?

If you are seeing floaters, you may want to talk to a specialist about it as soon as possible. In some cases, they may be brought about by normal circumstances, such as being tired or straining your eyes from reading and may not be cause for concern.

However, if your floaters are not quickly going away when you refocus your eyes or if you are seeing a lot more of them, then it is likely time to call an eye doctor. In addition, if you're seeing floaters accompanied by flashes of light or darkness on the edges of your vision, then this you should schedule a visit with an eye doctor immediately as it could indicate a vision emergency, such as a retinal detachment or tear.

What Will an Eye Doctor Do?

A specialist will generally ask different questions about both your vision and general medical history. They may give you drops that will cause your pupils to dilate so the doctor can better see both the vitreous and retina. If the doctor believes that your retina has been damaged, they may perform an ultrasound exam of the eye. 

Treatment can include anything from laser treatment to surgery, depending on the severity of the condition. If your symptoms are mild enough, you may not need treatment at all (at least, not until it progresses). If you need surgery, it will be to replace the vitreous in the eye, though this treatment is an uncommon solution. 

Finding an Optometrist in Sammamish

If you are looking for someone who can help, NewVision Eyecare is here for you. Finding the right optometrist starts with finding someone who cares about you. If your vision has undergone changes as of late, we are here to ask questions that will pinpoint the problem. Considering floaters do not have one distinct cause, we can start filling in the gaps before giving you our official recommendations.


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