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Our Eyecare Team in Sammamish, WA Discusses The Importance of Sunglasses

Sunglasses look cool, but they also have more important properties. Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays can help reduce your risk of developing certain serious vision conditions. Here at NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish, WA we offer both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes in style.

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Why Sunglasses are So Important

There are a number of ways that sunglasses are helpful in life. Some are simple yet important, such as reducing your risk of getting into a car accident by wearing sunglasses that cut down on the glare and let you see better. Others are more long-term:

  • Reducing your UV exposure decreases your future risk of developing cataracts.
  • Macular degeneration may also be influenced by your lifetime sun exposure.
  • Cancer of the eyes and eyelids can be caused by excessive UV exposure.

You may also develop a painful but usually harmless condition called photokeratitis if you spend too much time out in the sun. This is like a sunburn for your eyes. It can be prevented by wearing sunglasses.

Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

Even if you wear contact lenses, having a pair of prescription sunglasses around is a good idea. If you cannot wear your contacts for whatever reason, you do not want to leave your eyes unprotected from the sun. Prescription sunglasses are also great for the beach and other places where your contacts might get wet or fall out.

Sunglass Options

Sunglasses come in a number of different options. The most important feature that they should have is full UV protection, and they should block 99 to 100 percent of UV light. The following are other features that can be helpful:

  • Larger lenses block the sun more effectively, so consider wraparound or aviator styles.
  • Gray tints do not change color perception, but other tints can work well for some people.
  • For outdoor use, a dark tint such as 80 percent is usually preferable.
  • Transitional lenses change from clear to tinted with exposure to UV light, but they do not tend to work well in cars.
  • Options such as mirroring and polarization can cut down on glare even more.

Tint, darkness, mirroring, and polarization all have no effect on the UV protection levels of the glasses, so feel free to choose your preferred option. The protection comes from the lenses themselves and/or a clear coating placed on them.

Buy Prescription Sunglasses Today at NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish, WA!

NewVision Eyecare offers styles for everyone at our Sammamish location. We can find the right style, shape, color, tint, and other options for you without sacrificing UV protection. Come by our store today to see our collection, or call (425) 392-2196 with any questions!


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