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Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Treatment

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One of the most notable things about the human body is its symmetry -- the way its pairs of parts work together to give you an amazing degree of function. Even your eyes work together, in concert with your brain, to produce the remarkable ability known as depth perception. But if you suffer from amblyopia, better known as "lazy eye," you are getting only half of the visual data you need. Fortunately, NewVision Eyecare can diagnose and treat this condition.

Why Amblyopia Develops

Under normal conditions, your eyes send slightly different images to the brain's vision center, which integrates them into a 3D picture we call binocular vision. This skill is developed in early childhood. But when something causes your brain to favor one eye's data over that of the other, you end up with a view of the world that lacks the necessary depth for you perceive and move around in it easily and safely. This is amblyopia, and it can cause problems in balance, driving, sports performance, hand-to-eye coordination, and other important aspects of daily living.

The nickname "lazy eye" is a misnomer, since both eyes are working equally hard to deliver signals that the brain then treats as unequal partners in creating vision. Amblyopia is most commonly caused by:

  • Strabismus, an eye misalignment that makes it impossible to bring the two images into focus
  • Refractive errors that differ between one eye and the other, or differing degrees of the same refractive error
  • Cataracts or other physical barriers that keep one eye from collecting sufficient visual data
  • Neurological injuries or diseases that affect the vision center

Diagnosis and Correction at Our Sammamish Eye Clinic

The earlier amblyopia is treated, the better -- especially since it can impair a child's overall visual development. Our Sammamish WA clinic can detect amblyopia in a pediatric or adult eye exam, at the same time identifying the problem's underlying cause. We can then provide numerous treatments to correct the condition.

Eye patching may be sufficient to re-train the brain to use both eyes' input equally. Exercises and other vision therapy techniques can clear up a case of amblyopia caused by strabismus or neurological issues. Last but not least, corrective lenses can equalize the quality of vision in eyes affected by refractive errors, giving the brain two equally clear images to work with.

Give Your Eyesight What It Needs

Don't let amblyopia deprive you or your children of the amazing gift of depth perception. Give your eyesight what it needs by calling NewVision eyecare at (425) 392-2196. Our Sammamish team can find and fix the causes of a lazy eye!


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