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Our Eye Care Services in Sammamish

At New Vision Eye Care, we know how important it is to have an accurate prescription and a consistent eye care regimen. Your daily comfort and way of life depend on it, and so does the long-term health of your eyes. That’s why our optometrist will work to learn as much as possible about your current eye health and vision; so that we can adjust your eyewear as needed and catch signs of trouble early. No matter what your eye care or vision care needs, our optometry team is committed to meeting them with our comprehensive exams and customized eyewear.

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Here are the main eye care services we offer for patients who need vision correction or vision care in Sammamish:

Eye Exams and Vision Exams

We recommend our comprehensive eye exams for every single patient, regardless of age, health, or current eyewear needs. Unlike vision exams, eye exams are comprehensive evaluations that include detailed measurements and inspections of different parts of each eye. Thanks to these eye exams, only an eye doctor can catch early signs of eye diseases that could eventually cause blindness, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Our vision exams are also comprehensive and crucial, and we recommend them at least once a year to keep your prescriptions accurate and detect subtle changes. We offer vision exams for every stage of life, so make sure you schedule vision exams for the whole family.

Eyeglasses & Frames

Your vision matters to us, so we make sure our prescriptions are precise and our lenses and frames are designed to last. Whether you need prescription eyeglasses or UV-resistant sunglasses, our optical selection includes plenty of shapes, colors, and designs to truly flatter your face and your personal style. We customize prescription lenses for eyeglasses and sunglasses at New Vision Eye Care.

Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Exams

Do you rely on contact lenses, or want to switch from eyeglasses to contacts? Our eyewear team has your contact lens needs covered too. We offer comprehensive contact lens exams and prescription contact lenses, including specialty lenses for patients with irregular curvature, dry eye, and other eye conditions that result in hard to wear contacts.

Of course, our patients need contact lens exams before they receive up-to-date prescription lenses. These exams are different from other vision exams because they involve complex measurements to ensure a good fit and determine a unique contact lens prescription.   

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