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Emergency Eye Care

How to Handle Eye Care Emergencies

Eye accidents can happen at any time, and often require emergency eye care treatment. You may not be able to prevent an accident from happening, but you can be prepared for one by knowing who to call when emergency situations arise. Your Sammamish optometrist from NewVision Eyecare can help with emergency eye needs. If you’re met with an accident that threatens your eye health, call us immediately for prompt, effective treatment.

How to Handle Eye Care Emergencies

What Constitutes an Eye Emergency?

Your eyes are susceptible to infections, injuries, intrusion by foreign objects, and disease. Your eyes are very delicate and need constant protection and care. When eye problems occur, don’t hesitate to contact your Sammamish optometrist for optometry care.

The following are some examples of when to contact your optometrist for urgent or emergency eye care:

    • Persistent pain in or around your eyes
    • Sudden partial or full loss of vision
    • A sudden increase of floaters or flashes of light that obstruct your vision
    • Sudden discharge of blood or other liquids from your eyes
    • Severe allergic reactions that cause eye swelling or infections

When in doubt, it’s best to notify your optometry specialist right away about eye health problems that are affecting your vision. Call your optometrist and explain your symptoms and let him decide whether your situation requires urgent care. By working with your optometry specialist, you can rest assured that you’ll get the professional help and treatment you need.

When to Go to the Emergency Room for Treatment

Some situations require a visit to the emergency room or urgent care facility for immediate medical treatment. If you receive serious trauma to your eyes, severe chemical burns, eye lacerations, or injuries with uncontrollable bleeding, go to the emergency room for immediate treatment. Once your situation is under control, you can contact your optometrist for follow-up care on your injury.

Do’s and Don’ts of Emergency Eye Care Situations

    • Do notify your optometrist immediately if you face an emergency situation with your eyes.
    • Do follow your eye doctor’s instructions either by phone or after your visit.
    • Do take precautionary measures to protect your eyes from further harm after your treatment.
    1. Don’t try to treat emergency eye situations alone as you could cause more damage than good.
    2. Don’t try to remove foreign objects like metal pieces or wooden splinters from your eyes as you can damage your cornea.
    3. Don’t use pain or treatment medications prescribed for other people, even if you have similar eye problems or symptoms.

See Your Sammamish Optometrist for Urgent Eye Care Situations 

Don’t take chances with your vision. Contact NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish at (425) 392-2196 for all your eye care needs.


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