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Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye syndrome is a very common eye condition, particularly among older adults. If your eyes constantly feel dry, itchy, and irritated, come to NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish for an eye checkup. We’ll give you a thorough eye exam to determine if you have this condition. These dry eye FAQs from our Sammamish eye doctor explain more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of it.


What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes stop creating good tears to keep them lubricated and moist. Tears are composed of a combination of oil, water, and mucus. Insufficient water in this mix can lead to dry eye syndrome.

What Causes Your Eyes to Stop Producing Quality Tears?

Various factors can affect the production of quality tears. As you age, it’s common for the tear glands in your eyes to produce less water, reducing the quality of your tears. Tear production can also be affected by some of the medications you take or by autoimmune diseases. Dry eye can even be caused by environmental factors, such as wind, air pollution, and smoke. Computer overuse can contribute to this eye condition as well.

What Are Some Common Dry Eye Symptoms?

Dry eye symptoms may vary from one person to the next. In general, the eyes may feel dry, irritated, burning, or sensitive around the light. In some people, dry eye causes their eyes to water uncontrollably, as their body tries to compensate for the dryness. Dry eye can also affect vision by blurring it.

Is Dry Eye Serious?

Most cases of dry eye are mild with irritating symptoms. Severe dry eye, however, can make you more prone to eye infections or injuries or even impair your vision. If you’re experiencing symptoms of dry eye, contact our Sammamish optometrist for diagnosis and treatment. Our eye doctor can recommend remedies to minimize the effects of your condition.

How Is Dry Eye Diagnosed?

Dry eyes can be diagnosed through an eye exam and testing. Our eye doctor will test your eyes to measure the moisture level of your tears to determine if you have dry eye syndrome.

How Is Dry Eye Treated?

If you have a mild case of dry eye, our Sammamish optometrist will recommend over-the-counter eye drops to counter the symptoms. For severe cases, we may recommend prescription medications to alleviate symptoms and increase tear production.

See Our Sammamish Optometrist for Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing dry eye is the first step to getting the treatment you need. To schedule an eye exam for dry eye diagnosis, contact NewVision Eyecare in Sammamish at 425-392-2196 today. We’re here to meet all your eye care needs.


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