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Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens

A contact lens examination takes longer than one for eyeglasses, so mention it when scheduling your eye exam at our office. We'll make sure we schedule plenty of time for your appointment, so there's no feeling of being rushed to finish the exam or consultation.

At New Vision Eyecare we prefer to do your contact lens examination at the same time as your traditional eye exam since so many of the parts of the exam are the same. Rather than duplicate a number of tests, our optometrist will simply continue on and add extra tests specifically made for contact lens wearers.

All Eye Exams Begin the Same Way

At the core, all eye examinations are about finding your visual acuity and checking the physical health of your eyes. Our optometrist, Dr. Kerry J. Moscovitz, will begin with a familiar test to see how well your eyes can focus at a distance, using the eye chart most people have seen all their lives. He'll use tools such as small lights to determine how well your eyes work together, how easily they change focal points, and if you need different prescription strengths for different distances.

After determining the prescription for correcting your vision, our optometrist will do a series of tests to find out whether you're developing any of the most common eye diseases. Some of the problems he'll look for include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy

In most cases, these diseases will develop for months or even years before causing any symptoms, so it's important for your eye health that you have a comprehensive eye exam every year after the age of forty, and every three years before that if you have no other vision issues.

The Contact Lens Exam

Once our optometrist finishes with the first part of the eye exam, he'll move on to the contact lens portion. This will usually begin with a consultation about your lifestyle and contact lens needs. Depending on your schedule, your leisure activities, and your habits, Dr. Moscovitz will recommend different types of contact lenses.

Once you both agree on the type of lens you're going to get, our optometrist will measure both the height and width of your eyes as well as the curvature of your eyeballs. This will ensure that you have contact lenses that fit perfectly against the surface of your eyes.

Looking for Contact Lenses?

Contacts avoid uncomfortable problems during extreme heat and cold and can provide clearer vision than many eyeglasses, so it's natural for a large number of our patients to want to wear them.

If you're ready to switch to contacts, call our office today at (425) 392-2196 to schedule a contact lens examination.


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