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Computer Vision FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Vision 

At NewVision Eyecare, our Sammamish optometrist staff meets many people dealing with computer vision syndrome. This condition affects men, women, and children alike, and can disrupt a person's ability to participate in work or leisure activities. We invite you to learn more about computer vision syndrome through these FAQs.

Computer Vision 

What Is Computer Vision? 

Computer vision syndrome is a type of temporary digital eye strain caused by excessive computer use. It occurs due to a variety of factors associated with the use of digital technology:

  • We tend to blink less often when we use computers. This prevents us from appropriately replenishing our tear film that normally moisturizes and protects the eyes.
  • Computer screens are awash with contrast, glare, and powerful blue light which can penetrate the eyes and over time damage the retinas. Computer use also requires us to frequently scan and refocus our eyes which can further strain our vision, much like over-training a muscle.
  • The ergonomic environment surrounding many computers can often be hard on the body and eyes, glaring overhead lights, stooped posture at a desk, a screen that is too close to the body, and so on. 

Computer vision syndrome can be made worse if you have an uncorrected vision problem such as astigmatism or farsightedness. 

How Common Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is estimated to affect millions of people around the world. People especially at risk include anyone who uses computers for work. 

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision?

The most common signs and symptoms of computer vision include blurry vision, dry itchy eyes, increased sensitivity to glare, a feeling of eye strain or fatigue, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. 

These signs and symptoms develop during and after prolonged computer use. While typically temporary, they may lead to chronic issues over time if the syndrome is left unaddressed. 

How Can an Optometrist Help Me Avoid Computer Vision?

Use a computer safely and teach your loved ones how to as well! 

  •  "20/20/20" rule—every 20 minutes, turn your eyes to something 20 feet away from you for at least 20 seconds to give your eyes a break
  • Keep your computer monitor at eye level and an arm's distance away from you
  • Adjust the contrast on your screen for optimal comfort
  • Blink more!

Our optometrist team can also check and correct your eyesight, and apply blue light blocking coating to your glasses lenses.

Worried about Computer Vision?

If you have questions about your computer habits or eye care, contact NewVision Eyecare at (425) 392-2196 to schedule an appointment with our Sammamish optometry team.


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