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Could You Have Computer Vision Syndrome?

Could You Have Computer Vision Syndrome?

3 Warning Signs

You probably already know that sitting at a computer all day isn't the healthiest thing you could do, but did you know it can take a toll on your eyes? If you have a job or hobby that involves looking at a screen for long periods of time, it's important to be aware of the risks of computer vision syndrome so you can keep your eyes feeling good. Here are several of the top symptoms of computer vision our Sammamish optometry professionals treat at NewVision Eyecare.

1. You've got a headache all the time.

When you overuse a computer or phone, your eyes become strained and tension builds up in the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and back. All of this often adds up to a headache.

2. Your eyes feel dry, scratchy, or itchy.

Staring for too long at anything, like the road in front of you when you're driving or a book, tends to dry out your eyes. Computers and smartphones, in particular, often make you forget to blink, which causes dryness. While having dry eyes isn't usually dangerous, it is uncomfortable and preventable. An eye care professional can give you pointers on how to avoid the dry eye that often goes along with computer vision syndrome.

3. Your vision is blurry.

If your eyes are strained for a long enough time, it can become difficult to focus them properly. This can lead to temporary problems like blurred vision and double vision.

Our Sammamish Eye Care Professional Can Help You with Computer Vision

If you are experiencing symptoms of computer vision syndrome, don't hesitate to make an appointment with an optometry professional to learn how you can protect your vision and prevent eye strain. Residents of Sammamish and the surrounding areas can reach NewVision Eyecare for an appointment by calling (425) 392-2196 today.


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